Thursday, February 25, 2010

Navy Skirt

This pattern again, with the same navy blue sueded twill that I used for the trousers.

The skirt has more wearing ease than the trousers did and it came out a little big. Even so, it's comfortable and great for dancing in. I think it will make good work-wear too. If I ever find a job!!

I liked this pattern a lot. I was afraid of all the gores at first but it was very easy. I wasn't as careful as usual in making sure that my seams were absolutely straight so its a little more "home-made" looking than I would like.

Please forgive the rumpled-ness of the pictures. I probably should have re-ironed before I snapped these.


  1. Very cute! This skirt is on my to-do list as well :-)

  2. It's cute. I have the skirt somewhere in my to-do list, so I'm glad to see it made up.

  3. I like your skirt, I've never done a skirt...but I would like!
    Thanks for comment in my blog,about the button in the back of my not a button...hehehe, it's something that appeared in the picture but maybe it's a good idea to put a button there =)