Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Decor IV - Cat Box Cozy

When we moved in to our rented house a couple of years ago, there was no storage in the bathroom. There was a cabinet surround for the sink with a few drawers, but it just wasn't enough storage for all my hair junk, makeup and other various beauty products. Also, the sink surround didn't really have enough counter space.

There was a giant space next to the sink that was empty so the Hubs built me some custom shelving with a counter top. The bathroom is so much better now. I can store all my stuff and I have plenty of space to spread out when I'm doing hair and makeup. Hubs left an extra tall space at the bottom where we could put the cat box. At the time we had an igloo-style one with a tall lid and a flap door in the front so the bottom space is very large.

It worked really well until the cat decided that he would prefer not to use a litter box with a lid on it. I took the lid off but, let's face it, an uncovered cat box can get the surrounding area pretty dusty which is beyond gross. I was none too keen on accidentally dropping things into it. (I am super clumsy, it could totally happen.) When we have guests over, I don't really want them to have to look at the icky cat box. And, even though he hates the igloo, kitty likes his privacy.

The solution: a privacy curtain!

I cut a wide length of fabric from my stash and used the rolled hem foot to finish the edges. Then I cut two slices up the front to make doors. I used the rolled hem foot to finish the edges of those too. Once the curtain was finished I added some sticky back Velcro to the top of the curtain and the edge of the cabinet. The nice thing about Velcro is that when the curtain gets all covered in cat hair, its super easy to peel off and toss in the washing machine.

To make sure the Velcro won't come off in the wash, I stitched it onto the curtain at the top. I learned a very important lesson about sewing anything with a sticky back: it sucks. My needle kept getting covered with glue and the thread kept fraying and breaking. I'm sure there's a secret to this, but I don't know what is is.

I think it turned out extra cute and the cat doesn't seem to mind it at all. I pull it off and wash it every week or so and then iron it with heavy starch. Its frayed a bit here and there after multiple washings, but I think it still looks good.


  1. Nice solution. Tiny bathroom but it works.
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    Wanted to tell you about my new blog.
    Check it out and maybe mention it to friends. The more little dresses we can do the more we can send. you.

  2. The secret to sewing sticky velcro is: don't. Use regular velcro and sew it onto the fabric, and use the sticky stuff when the fabric's too thick to sew through/on wood, metal, etc.

    Great project! I am envious of the bathroom surface area... my landlord doesn't understand girls and gave us a tiny sink countertop... not as good.