Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Bit of a Backslide and Something Cool

So...even though I'm unemployed and have no money...I've been buying patterns. There was a seller on the EBay that had awesome 40s patterns for .99 cents and I kind of went crazy. Oh and I also bought a lot of 30+ patterns because they were really cheap, the ones shown were cool and my size, and I obviously have a problem. When the box lot arrived I realized that I'd gone way overboard and I've resolved to STOP. This time for sure.

I thought about not telling you about my little Sewing Diet slip, but we're friends, right? I can tell you about my failures as well as my successes. Besides, I'm sure you can understand the lure of super cheap lovely vintage patterns in your size...? I mean, who could resist? AND I resolve to start my diet fresh. As of today, I will STOP buying patterns until I am employed again.

Anyway, that's not really what this blog entry is about. Its about how I got one of the COOLEST things ever in the box lot: an Anne Adams original cellophane pattern sleeve. I just assumed that Anne Adams patterns came in a regular mailing envelope and that's why you never see the sleeves. At least I've never seen one before.

Isn't that neato?

Another thing I hadn't noticed before is the totally awesome Anne Adams Logo.

I love how the crossed scissors make the AA for Anne Adams. It's way too bitchen cool. If my initials were AA, I'd mos def have that tattooed somewhere on my body. It would make a really cool button or badge, too.

The pattern itself is just an apron, but a very cute one indeed.

It looks like its from the 40's to me, but the seller claimed that there were some 30's patterns in the lot, and this is the only one that's even close. If this is indeed 30's I can let go of my annoyance at the poor item description. (The lot was worth it anyway, but I do think people should strive for accuracy.) Does anyone know when this pattern might have been published?


  1. How come I don't have this kind of luck on Ebay? Most vintage patterns I look at, required a second mortgage on my home. Care to share the details of your Ebay seller?

  2. sweet!! i have one anne adams in the same kind of envelope and logo (which would definitely be a cool tattoo!!).

    Without the mailing envelope and metered postage date it's impossible to tell as they were never dated, but judging by the hair it looks like a 40's pattern to me.

  3. It's a shame you don't have the mailing envelope - we could have narrowed the date down a bit.

    If you do have some with the envelopes, you might be interested in this article I wrote on dating vintage mail order patterns:

    It's a work in progress so I'm adding to it as I pick more info up.

  4. COPA does not have this number, looking at her other patterns on there, and the style compared to other aprons, it should fall into the 1942-45 range, YMMV.