Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cute Little Things...and a Quick Viva Recap

Inspired by Casey's Cherry Brooch tutorial I made these small gifts for each of the girls in my little gang.

Casey's are much more elegant than mine, to be sure, as I am impatient and relied entirely on hot glue to put them together. Still, I think they are pretty cute. It took me, maybe, half an hour to trim the pieces and slap them together. Aside from running out of velvet ribbon (which is why one of the brooches has leaves instead) this project was a total success.

I gave them to my girls in Vegas and they seemed to like them very much.

Viva was LOTS of fun this year. I think the median age has gone up a bit as everyone seemed much nicer and more mellow than in years past. My girls and I had SO much fun. I found plenty of nice fellas to dance with!

Special shout-out to Barry from London, a great dancer and snappy dresser. Big love to the super nice Aussie in the orange and black shirt who asked "Do you rock and roll?" and then proceeded to dance my butt off for song after song. Mr Oz, I wish I'd found you later in the weekend. You were my favorite!

I spotted some vintage blogging superstars over the course of the event: Lisa Fremont Street, Vintage Starlet, Temperamental Broad. I was only brave enough to say hello to Temperamental Broad. She waiting for the elevator on our floor and was very nice and friendly - and even prettier in person!

The Teenagers were super cute. Marti Brom was the bomb, as usual. Her Loretta Lynn duet with Nettie (of Quarter Mile Combo/Mighty Slim Pickins) rocked!

We saw Chuck Berry at the car show but skipped Wanda Jackson because the ballroom was WAY too crowded. During Wanda's set the DJ in the Big Easy Showroom was just the greatest!!! Its too bad there was no one else to listen to his set. My girlies and I loved it! I wish I'd gotten his name. He played all lowrider classics: Mary Wells, Denice Williams, Prez Prado, to name a few, and even a cumbia number that had me dancing all by myself in the middle of the floor.

I am the worst photographer ever, but here are some snaps of me and my ladies having a wonderful time!


  1. That's it! I am going next year! :)

  2. Looks like you had a great time!
    Love all the photos - I have to say that seeing everyone dressed up in their vintage best is exactly how I like to imagine Vegas.

  3. hello there! I just found your blog and noticed i know a few of those darlin dames in your photos!

    Funny but i have gone to Viva for the past ten years and by sight, meet and greets, and snappin a few photos with your girls over the years... i have gotten to know your gal pals..such a hoot!

    I do think your group are the nicest kittens around Vegas...although i haven't met you...hmmmm...gotta do that next year! I love your blog and i am so excited i found your the way you are adorable! swing by my blog!

  4. @ Vintage Housewife - Isn't it funny how tiny our little vintage-loving community is? Thanks for the nice words about my Ladies. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable. I am by far the most shy of the bunch, which is prolly why we haven't met yet. I tend to stand at the back and grin rather than jumping in with conversation. I'm pretty sure I've seen you, though, and I know I've seen your blog before. I remember reading about your travel trailer adventures a year or so ago. I've added myself as a follower so I won't miss out on any more of your adventures. Big hugs!