Thursday, May 20, 2010

My New Old Car

While I was in Las Vegas last month, my husband bought me a car. He is awesome. I am spoiled.

He is constantly emailing me auction listings or craigslist posts for some lovely, needy, incredibly inexpensive (and crusty, rusty, near total loss) motor vehicle that needs saving. Usually I am the voice of reason and I tell him no: we don't have room, or the time to work on it, or just can't afford another vehicle. Then he sent me pictures of a little 1958 Renault 4CV that needed a home and I lost my mind completely.

There is a history of the 4CV on Wikipedia but basically, this car was the French answer to the Volkswagen. It was intended as a cheap utility vehicle for people, especially those in the countryside, to use after the war. Production began in 1947 and ended in 1961. You don't see a lot of these cars in the US but, as it was once France's most popular vehicle, many of them survive and are still in use in France.

Ours came to us as an empty shell with no trim, a stuck engine, and no back window. Still, she's progressing nicely. The floors and undercarriage have been painted with anti-rust coating. Seats and steering wheel are on order. The engine is full of Marvel Mystery Oil and is un-sticking a little at a time. All the parts to get the engine running have arrived. We should be able to make her somewhat road-worthy in no time! At least I hope so because I'd really love to be able to drive her!

Isn't she adorable?


  1. I love old cars, they are so beautiful!! I know nothing about them, but I would love to buy and do one up some day!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I am VERY impressed that you even know how to bring a car like this back to life. Can't wait to hear more as you keep working on her. Have you named the little beauty yet?

  3. @ Sassy Lassie. It's the Hubs who will be breathing life back into her...although I get to do the important bits like choose paint and upholstry colors. :) I haven't thought of a name yet. I think that once she's in a bit more of running shape, the name will reveal itself.

  4. You're on your way to Billetproof, I'll bet!

  5. Oh my goodness I love it!!
    I drive an old vintage mini myself and my dad has a MK2 Ford Consul so I love old cars! Congrats :)
    Lottie x

  6. Ahh that's is adorable! I'm very jealous now! xxxxx

  7. oh, poor baby. it's lucky to have you and the mister nurse her back to health. i can't wait to see the "after" photos.