Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Neutral Skirt

I used up some more of that Khaki Kona Cotton to make a neutral-colored pencil skirt with this pattern.

Upon un-foldng the tissue, I discovered that this pattern is really no more "instant" than any of my other pencil skirt patterns. (Three seams, zipper up the back.) On the plus side, you only need one yard of 54" wide fabric for view A & B. Also included was a separate front tissue for View C, which is a pretty interesting faux wrap style. I would have made that version but my lining fabric wasn't quite wide enough.

View A is fine, though. I really needed a neutral pencil skirt and I think I'll get quite a lot of wear out of it. It went together snippety-snip with no major issues of any kind.

That strange light/shadow on my hip/bum is a reflection from the bread-box. That'll teach me to take pictures in the evening when there isn't enough light!


  1. Love this pattern, it is so simple but looks adorable on you. Also I love your sweater would love to know if it is vintage or repro!

  2. Thank You Miss 1949! The sweater is thrifted but its modern. The brand is Charter Club, a Macy's department store house brand.

  3. Lovely - great job with the fitting, looks sleek and sexy just like a retro pencil skirt should ;)

    How on earth did you get kona cotton to lay so nice?

  4. Thanks Moxie Tonic! - I just ironed the heck out of it with light starch. What really helps, I think, is that it's fully lined.

  5. i have a softspot for handmade vintage-inspired clothes, so i'm just loving your skirt. your hair looks gorgeous too!

  6. Wonderful pencil skirt. Looks fabulous on you.