Thursday, June 10, 2010

You, Sans Vintage

Mary Deluxe recently asked (dared, actually) all of her followers to post a picture of themselves in non-vintage gear. So here's one of me in the sort of thing I usually wear when I'm running out to do some last minute errands and can't be bothered to spruce up a bit.
I just got back from making an emergency bank run...and hitting the thrift store. Even though I'm NOT supposed to be buying any more patterns, I always check this one thrift store, just in case. They have a large selection of patterns, but its mostly 80s and 90s stuff. Still, every now and then you'll find a gem. Today I found another copy of a pattern that I mentioned in this post BUT this time the instructions are in English! Yay! I tried to be good and just buy the pattern but this awesome hand-pinstriped handbag (by RotHod) was only $6. What's a girl to do?