Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awesome Neighborhood Thrift Store, Bad Blogger

The Hubs commutes to work every day on his motorcycle down a long stretch of our neighborhood's main street. It's not much of a main street because most of the business cater to the industrial portion of the neighborhood and are primarily hardware stores, dry cleaners and sandwich shops which are only open from 8-5. I would love a little breakfast spot, more restaurants that are open for dinner, and one or two boutiques, but I think I will have to wait a bit. The neighborhood become less industrial in the last few years, but it will be a while before the greater number of shop owners expand their focus to serving the residential population.

Anyway, last week on his way to work The Hubs happened to pass a brand new thrift shop on the main drag, down by the freeway on-ramp. We took a nice long walk on Saturday morning and popped in to see if there were any treasures to be had.

Mrs. Jenkins Clothing Store and More is a lot like a church charity shop: it's not super organized, there is a ton of inventory, and you need to dig to find the good stuff. The prices, however, are amazing. I found two adorable home sewn items: a super cute 60s house dress and and a drop dead gorgeous 50s strapless evening dress in hot red satin brocade with a wing bust. I paid a grand total of $6 for both items. Wow!!

Mrs. Jenkins herself is adorable. She told us that she opened the store on her birthday last month because she's 75 years old and wanted to finally do something for herself. She has gospel music on the boom box just out side the door and a TV on in back by the sales counter and she loves to chat with her customers, which makes for a bit of an intense sensory experience, but she's just so darned sweet and she has some good stuff. You just need to be patient and carefully comb through all the racks. The Hubs and I fell in love with her and will definitely be back in a week or so to see what new treasures she's got in stock.

Here's the '60s house dress. ...I"m pretty sure its '60s... The cut of the collar (which you can't see in the snaps) and the tent-like shape of the dress make me pretty sure that it was cut from a 60s pattern, but the fabric is a gorgeous rayon and it looks '40s to me.

The photos don't do it justice. (I'm still trying to find that perfect photography spot.) It's even cuter in person.

I wish I could show you how incredible the red dress is, (this is the part where I fail as a documentarian) but I only took one stupid camera phone picture, and I can't figure out how to get it out of my phone. ...and I've already given the dress to a friend as it didn't fit me properly. I suppose I could have altered it, but it occurred to me that there was someone out there who would look a zillion times better in it than I.

I saw Kim (of The Kim Show and Vanity's Only Virtue) on Saturday night and told her that I had a dress that I thought would look awesome on her. She stopped by the next day to try it on and I was right. It looked amazing. Really, truly. The color suits her skin and hair so well. It looks like it was made for her. I really should have taken a picture of her in it. I am the worst blogger ever!

OH well. This was a great reminder to always photograph everything if you want to have pretty pictures to add to your blog. Oh, la! If I can ever figure out how to get the damn picture off my phone, I'll add it to this post.

UPDATED: Thanks Sarai!


  1. Just e-mail it from your phone to your e-mail account and upload it into your computer from there.

    PS: I'm not just some random person giving suggestions, your blog is one in only a handful of good vintage/sewing blogs that I read :)

  2. That IS a super cute dress. Amazing how the simple addition of a belt can transform it back 20 fashion years, making it look not a day over 1945. Perfect, as always!

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  4. @ Sarai. Thank you SO much for the compliment and for the IT help. Technology baffles me.

    @ LandGirl1980. Thank you! I completely agree. Styling and accessories can complete change how a very basic dress shape looks, era-wise.

  5. That sounds like an amazingly good addition to your neighbourhood, wish I had something as good as that near me!

  6. Nice dress I like how it looks with the belt.

  7. I just nominated you for a( blog award on my site!:


    I really enjoy your posts and hope to see them pick up again soon!

  8. You look stunning in these pictures!

  9. @ Nancy - Thank you! I will repost this as soon as I have a free moment!

    @ Ivy - Thanks so much!!!