Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Bit of a Backslide and Something Cool

So...even though I'm unemployed and have no money...I've been buying patterns. There was a seller on the EBay that had awesome 40s patterns for .99 cents and I kind of went crazy. Oh and I also bought a lot of 30+ patterns because they were really cheap, the ones shown were cool and my size, and I obviously have a problem. When the box lot arrived I realized that I'd gone way overboard and I've resolved to STOP. This time for sure.

I thought about not telling you about my little Sewing Diet slip, but we're friends, right? I can tell you about my failures as well as my successes. Besides, I'm sure you can understand the lure of super cheap lovely vintage patterns in your size...? I mean, who could resist? AND I resolve to start my diet fresh. As of today, I will STOP buying patterns until I am employed again.

Anyway, that's not really what this blog entry is about. Its about how I got one of the COOLEST things ever in the box lot: an Anne Adams original cellophane pattern sleeve. I just assumed that Anne Adams patterns came in a regular mailing envelope and that's why you never see the sleeves. At least I've never seen one before.

Isn't that neato?

Another thing I hadn't noticed before is the totally awesome Anne Adams Logo.

I love how the crossed scissors make the AA for Anne Adams. It's way too bitchen cool. If my initials were AA, I'd mos def have that tattooed somewhere on my body. It would make a really cool button or badge, too.

The pattern itself is just an apron, but a very cute one indeed.

It looks like its from the 40's to me, but the seller claimed that there were some 30's patterns in the lot, and this is the only one that's even close. If this is indeed 30's I can let go of my annoyance at the poor item description. (The lot was worth it anyway, but I do think people should strive for accuracy.) Does anyone know when this pattern might have been published?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wardrobe Re-Fashion: Dress to Separates

A long, long time ago, I made a dress that I wore once, in Vegas. When I got home it went straight to the dry cleaners and then back in the closet. After several months, I took it out to wear it and discovered that, when it was dry cleaned, the zipper had been broken. Ack! I put it in the UFO pile intending to eventually put in a new zipper. Then I happened to run across some pictures of myself at VLV in the dress, and decided it really wasn't all that flattering. Zo... I split it into two separate pieces.

I added white seam binding around the bottom of the bodice and put in an upside down zipper. Viola! Instant top. Not sure if I have any business wearing a midriff top out in public, but I think it's awful cute!

Once it was removed from the polka-dot bodice the skirt is a perfect 40s-esque a-line. I bound the inside of the waistline with bias tape rather than adding on a waistband. Then I put in a lining and re-did the hem. Easy peasy! I found some scraps of white twill in my stash and made a tie-top to go with it using this pattern.

The tie-top would be really easy to make even without a pattern. Its basically just a triangle with the top flattened out and channels at the top and bottom for straps. I used a few scraps of seam binding to make the straps. The top strap was a bit short so instead of tying it, I added old gold plastic button that I found in the bottom of my sewing box.

I think that this outfit has a very pulp-novel bad-girl kind of look but, since it's all white, it's sort of innocent too.

Here's that gold button detail on the strap.

Could there ever be a flirtier summer outfit? I think not!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shabam! Shorts!

I had a teensy bit of fabric left after making the blue 40's trousers and skirt so I made a pair of shorts with Simplicity 2425. This is truly the easiest, best, most wonderful shorts pattern of all time. It only took a couple of hours on a rainy Friday evening.

I'm still looking for an image of the pattern envelope, so if anyone has seen it on the web (or wouldn't mind scanning it for me from their stash) please let me know.

As usual, I ignored the pattern markings for the gathers in the front. I put in (I don't know what these are actually called) reverse-pleat thingies and then sewed decorative buttons on top. Here's a close up so you can see what I mean.

It might be easier to see what I've done from the inside.

I usually don't wear anything that I haven't blogged yet, but I couldn't resist wearing these (and the white triangle top below, more on that later) in Vegas. It would be nice to have a brief heat wave here in Fogville, so I could wear all these lightweight clothes that I'm obsessed with making. Sigh. Stupid Fogville.
Anyway, here's a snap of me wearing them by the pool at Viva...

and the usual kitchen shots...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cute Little Things...and a Quick Viva Recap

Inspired by Casey's Cherry Brooch tutorial I made these small gifts for each of the girls in my little gang.

Casey's are much more elegant than mine, to be sure, as I am impatient and relied entirely on hot glue to put them together. Still, I think they are pretty cute. It took me, maybe, half an hour to trim the pieces and slap them together. Aside from running out of velvet ribbon (which is why one of the brooches has leaves instead) this project was a total success.

I gave them to my girls in Vegas and they seemed to like them very much.

Viva was LOTS of fun this year. I think the median age has gone up a bit as everyone seemed much nicer and more mellow than in years past. My girls and I had SO much fun. I found plenty of nice fellas to dance with!

Special shout-out to Barry from London, a great dancer and snappy dresser. Big love to the super nice Aussie in the orange and black shirt who asked "Do you rock and roll?" and then proceeded to dance my butt off for song after song. Mr Oz, I wish I'd found you later in the weekend. You were my favorite!

I spotted some vintage blogging superstars over the course of the event: Lisa Fremont Street, Vintage Starlet, Temperamental Broad. I was only brave enough to say hello to Temperamental Broad. She waiting for the elevator on our floor and was very nice and friendly - and even prettier in person!

The Teenagers were super cute. Marti Brom was the bomb, as usual. Her Loretta Lynn duet with Nettie (of Quarter Mile Combo/Mighty Slim Pickins) rocked!

We saw Chuck Berry at the car show but skipped Wanda Jackson because the ballroom was WAY too crowded. During Wanda's set the DJ in the Big Easy Showroom was just the greatest!!! Its too bad there was no one else to listen to his set. My girlies and I loved it! I wish I'd gotten his name. He played all lowrider classics: Mary Wells, Denice Williams, Prez Prado, to name a few, and even a cumbia number that had me dancing all by myself in the middle of the floor.

I am the worst photographer ever, but here are some snaps of me and my ladies having a wonderful time!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Question...and VIVA Here I Come

I was cleaning up and found this picture in my files. I'm not sure where it came from because I don't own this pattern. If this came from your site, let me know and I'll be happy to credit you.

I think this is one of the BEST pattern envelope illustrations I've seen. The "instant" skirt is pretty cute too. If I could find a copy in my size, I'd definitely snap it up!

Just what exactly is going on here? What are these women holding? Is it a sewing implement of some kind? Any ideas?

* * * *
I am on my way to Viva Las Vegas.

I hope the weather is nice and the hangovers are few. The hubby will be staying home and holding down the fort so I get a whole weekend to play with my best girl pals. Yay! If you see me in Vegas, please feel free to say hello! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans are!