Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thank You Santa!

Happy New Year everyone. I'm still clearly missing some of my blogging mojo. It took me forever to get this post together. Yikes!

The Hubs and I had a wonderful holiday. It was nice to see family and my in-laws are always full of the holiday spirit. We went to visit them on Xmas Eve and I wore the apron my ma-in-law made me last year. I put a zipper up the back and made it into a holiday skirt.

Santa was VERY good to me this year! I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the awesome stuff I got. Yay stuff!

I got...

A rotary wall phone for the kitchen!

We thought that, rather than remove the old wall phone mount, it would be much better to hang a vintage phone there. I looked and looked for just the right one and then gave up. Its very hard to find a yellow phone that isn't either orangey or greeney. But, leave it to the Hubs to make it happen! He was able to find just the right one in just the right shade.

* * *

A Mason Pearson hairbrush.

I put this on my Amazon wish list at the very last moment, and my brother in law did the rest. Thanks J! I love it so much. It makes my hair so smooth. I can't wait to use it to brush out a set!

* * *

A vintage Sunset magazine cookbook.

The thing that's so cool about this book is that its full of home recipes that people would send in to be published in Sunset's Chefs of the West column. Because it was published in the 50s, some of these recipes date back to the turn of the century and first world war. ...and also the pasta recipes are written as if pasta is some kind of exotic food, which always cracks me up. What on earth did people eat before pasta? Potatoes, I guess?

* * *

Vintage Art Glass (very hard to photograph, for some reason)

From the Mom-in-law. Isn't it gorgeous? She said that she got it at a yard sale from someone who's uncle (?) was a glass blower. I love how its a very simple shape, but when you look close you see all these little details (like the inverted bubbles at the ends) which must have been super hard to do.

* * *

Hubs got me this gorgeous coffee table book with photos of the people and places in our neighborhood in the 1970s.

I know it's supposed to be all journalistic and important, but I can't get past the clothes! Oh and the hair! I am absolutely in love with the fashion. The knitwear and jumpsuits and 30s/40s inspired looks, that were so popular in the 70s, are enough to blow my mind but then there are leisure suits and hot pants and biker-wear. Wow! Plus its super cool to see local landmarks that I recognize. This book is amazing. I just can't stop looking at it.

* * *

A tiki dress from Lady Luck Brand clothing.

The Hubs bought this for me from a local designer/seamstress in the hopes of inspiring me to do my own designing and selling. I don't think I'm quite ready for that, yet, but I do love this dress! It fits like a glove and the fabric is just gorgeous!

...and the best gift this year?

Oh man oh man oh man!


Its a vintage Pfaff sewing machine with all of the feet and the carrying case and users booklet. Squee!! I could die. It is completely gorgeous and the engine is so quiet! It's much more complicated than my every day machine (my trusty 70s Husquvarna portable) and I'm a little intimidated by it.

Fortunately, whoever owned it before put color coded stickers on each of the feet to coincide with sections of the users manual. If I go through the manual one step at a time I should be able to teach myself to use it, right? Also, Morgan discovered that by turning the three cams to different positions, it can do something like 80 different embroidery stitches. It's completely mad and a bit beyond my skill level and wonderful!

I'm going to finish up the many projects I've started on the Husquvarna and the next new thing I start will be on the Pfaff. Hopefully, it wont be too scary and difficult to figure out.

I hope that Santa brought you everything you wanted and that you all had a wonderful holiday and an excellent New Year celebration! I've got one completed project photographed and another project finished so I should be back soon...


  1. oooh great gifts, lucky girl! Good luck with the sewing machine, sounds fabulous!

  2. Wow lovely gifts, i adore your piece of glass thats stunning, and your sewing machine wow that is a work of art, good luck with using it and enjoy all your lovely gifts. Happy new year. Dee ;-)

  3. Love the cookbook, that's my new vintage passion, not because I cook but love the graphics in them. Looks like you had a great Christmas.

  4. Congratulations on the vintage sewing machine. You'll sure have a lot of fun discovering how it works.
    Just out of curiosity: which hairbrush model did you get? Is it a pure bristle or a bristle/nylon mixture? I have been wanting to buy one of those brushes for a few months and can't decide on the the tufts.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. It was a great xmas and I am looking forward to trying out the new machine.

    @ couturetteinenglish: I have the combo bristle version. I like it a lot. It gives my scalp a good invigorating scratch and makes my hair super smooth. I have found that for brushing out sets (I almost exclusively do heat sets) it tends to poof my hair rather more than I am used to. Instead I use my Bass bamboo paddle brush or a pic to loosen my curls and then later when everything has relaxed a bit I give it a good brushing with the M&P. I like it because it allows the curls to bounce back rather than pulling them flat like some brushes do. Recommended!

  6. Love your tiki dress! I recognized the fabric right away. My living room is decorated in the same barkcloth print, but with a cream background instead of black. I special ordered it from Poppy Fabrics in Oakland, CA before it went out of business.

  7. I own two of this model and I love them. They are work horses that wer ahead of their time decades ago. You are a lucky girl.

  8. Just love the sewing machine! I have similar model, it works it way over vintage sheepskin leather project without a hitch or snag! One question: my accessories are missing the page of Stitch Embroidery Selection chart, do have any suggestions on how to get a copy? Perhaps your page could be scanned and please send me a copy, I would be ever so grateful! ... hope you are loving the Pfaff!