Friday, February 11, 2011

I Survived the Book Party!

Thanks to all of your encouraging comments (and free wine) I survived Book Party night. It was really nice to meet Erin and she was lovely! I got a signed copy of her book and one of her totally cool A Dress A Day tape measures!

Unfortunately though, I was still horrifically socially awkward.

I met the lovely Mena of The Sew Weekly which was a thrill, although she probably didn't think so because I was all "wait, which blog do you write?" Even though I KNOW Sew Weekly. Damn nerves! I am SUCH an idiot. Mena was sweet and she was wearing the most incredible vintage knit dress. She looked AMAZING! I forgot my camera so I didn't get a photo, but if you pop over to her blog, you will see that she has some serious style!

The book party was held at a little vintage shop in Hayes Valley called Ver Unica. They had some amazing stuff, although the dresses were a bit out of my usual price range. I am admittedly extra cheap and shop thrift stores far more frequently than vintage stores, so they might have been reasonably priced...I have no way of knowing. Anyway, the accessories, on the other, hand were within my reach and I got this AMAZING gold belt!

Speaking of amazing gold things, back in September the Long and Winding Bobbin had an 80 Followers Giveaway and I won! Not only that, I won the BEST prize: a super neato retro Olga Berg gold bag.

Thanks to the US post office having difficulty finding my house it got returned to Australia and she had to mail it again. The package finally arrived a week or so ago and I LOVE it so much. Since she felt bad that it got returned the first time she sent me an additional prize, this little had mirror! Isn't that the nicest?

The bag and my new belt go together perfectly! I am a happy gal.

Stay tuned as I now have 200 followers (?!) and am working on a giveaway!!


  1. looking your gold belt and bag.I am socially awakard myself,lol

  2. I JUST read her book! Loved it. And you look fabulous!!!

    And I just got 200 followers, too. How I don't know... But I'm doing a giveaway, too. Stay tuned!


  3. You look fab! Yeah I just broke 200 too and it still confuses me he he!

  4. You look awesome! Love the belt and what a great purse!

  5. hottie mchotty!