Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Coty

This packaging

Is not nearly as lovely as this packaging. (Even with the de-laminating paper.)

Loose powder is one of those cosmetic items that is about the same brand to brand so one of the main reasons I buy Coty translucent powder is the old style cardboard box. I hate that they've gone plastic. Not only is it less pretty but it's not as readily recyclable. Bah!

Which one would you rather have in your makeup kit?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fishy Blouse

Remember the Fish Dress? I made a blouse with the leftovers.

I made version 3.

When the pieces were cut out, I was baffled as to how they were supposed to go together, particularly the front piece. It took me forever to realize that it had to fold back in on itself and go under the collar/shoulder piece as a facing.

Once I figured that out, this blouse went together with relative ease, although it lived on the dress form for weeks while I tried to summon the courage to do the button holes. The first one is a bit dodgy but the rest look pretty good.

I thought it would be a good idea to line the blouse as quilting cottons get a bit floopy after repeated washings, but the lining made it a bit more stiff than I would like. It floats away from my body in a way that makes me look a little wider than I actually am. Or maybe I'm just used to wearing skin tight stretchy tops?

Anyhoo. I like it.

I'm still haven't discovered a really good spot for photography in the new house. I tried outside for this shot but, as it was a beautiful sunny day, I wasn't able to stop squinting.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pattern Haul

I continue to buy patterns...

I bought this one because I thought the bodice might work for the sundress I am hoping to make from that Hawaiian print duvet I bought last year. The bodice looked a little more constructed on ebay than it does in person. Oh well. Eventually I'll find the right pattern.

* * *

I have a thing for jumper/pinnafore patterns. I love everything about this one. Hello, Von Trap Family Singers! Maybe I'm projecting my wishes, but in the pattern illustrations as it appears to be made up in a heavy fall fabric. I'll be keeping an eye out for floral-printed velvet.

* * *

Found this one at the thrift store. The photo on the pattern sleeve is awful, in my opinion. The under-blouse makes it so frumptastic. But wouldn't it be cute in a rayon novelty print? Minus the tie belt and pockets, of course.

* * *

I keep buying 60's patterns and yet I rarely make them up. Still, I couldn't leave this one at the thrift store. The (dreaded scalloped + Peter Pan) collar is so cute.

* * *

I saw this one over at Lisette's blog and had to have it. Surprisingly I found a copy on ebay right away! I love it! Look at that sweater vest! I wonder, is it possible to buy yardage of sweater knit fabric? I'm not sure I've ever seen it on the racks at my usual thrift store. If it exists, I wonder if it's difficult to work with...

* * *

Another thrift store find. I had to have this blouse pattern even though its an extra small. The pieces are fairly simple so I imagine that I could grade it up. However, the reason I wanted it was because of the cowl-front version, which to my eye has a 40s look. Guess which piece is missing? Bah! I can grade up from the illustration tho, right?

* * *

Another purchase inspired by the Hawaiian print duvet. Now that I have it in my hands, I'm thinking it might be better in a crisp, bright colored shantung. Loving that neckline!

* * *

Did I mention that I go crazy for retro (30s/40s) inspired 1970s patterns? I do! If I was to try sewing a suit, this is the pattern I would start with. (I'd move the trouser zipper to the side, however.)

* * *

When I was in high school, I had a couple of vintage blouses like this that I wore until the fabric was like tissue paper. Love!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


While I was away I changed my hair. It's such a relief to have bangs again. I always like my face better when its framed by bangs.

I like the way it looks straight and I feel much less inclined to set it every day. It still looks nice when I do set it, but it's nice to have the option to leave it straight.

Anyone else make a major style change lately?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Am I Back?

I don't know...

But I thought this was too neat not to share.