Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Coty

This packaging

Is not nearly as lovely as this packaging. (Even with the de-laminating paper.)

Loose powder is one of those cosmetic items that is about the same brand to brand so one of the main reasons I buy Coty translucent powder is the old style cardboard box. I hate that they've gone plastic. Not only is it less pretty but it's not as readily recyclable. Bah!

Which one would you rather have in your makeup kit?


  1. I miss the old packaging as well!
    Not to mention, I've had a terrible time dealing with that plastic shaker top thing. FInally had to completely dismantle it so I could actually get AT the powder >:(

  2. totally agree! Hate the plastic packaging. I busted the top of my plastic shaker and put it in one of the old boxes! Not only is the paper box prettier, but the lid stays on much easier! I have a toddler who loves mommy's makeup and the paper lid takes some effort to open.I've been looking at some of those gorgeous glass or tin powder jars online too.

  3. This is one thing that really makes my vintage heart sad - when the unique older style of packaging is replaced with not so unique, and often cheap-looking "modern" packaging. :(

    Plastic is for Tupperware, not pretty powder containers!

  4. My mother used that powder at least 50 years ago. I remember the box.
    I'm glad you're posting once again.

  5. Oh no! This reminds me that all the stores around my house have stopped carrying it altogether! Waah!

    And the new packaging is horrible. Boo, wish they'd stop updating things


  6. Total bummer. That old packaging was so perfect- I wonder why they thought they should change it.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife