Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beigey Flowery Top

While I was making the Flowery Frankendress, I was able to set aside enough fabric to make a blouse. I used this pattern.

The flower fabric is 100% polyester so I decided to line it with some cotton muslin for comfort. It went together incredibly fast...and then stalled at the Peter Pan collar.

Friends, I simply could NOT figure out how to attach the collar. I tried. I really did. I read the instructions multiple times. I looked up peter pan collars in my sewing books. I even found a great tutorial on-line but my brain just could not understand the geometry involved. After several false starts and one really poor attempt at banging the collar on and pretending that it looked fine, I enlisted professional help.

Is that failure? I'm not sure. The collar is on and the lady at the dry cleaners in my office building only charged me $5. I feel good about that. But someday I really need to learn how to attach this type of collar.

The pattern called for a zipper up the back, but I thought it would be nicer with a slit and a button instead. I really like the way it came out.

...and here's a front view. My jeans are a little low and the blouse is riding up a bit. I think it will look nicer with a skirt.


  1. wow, it's really cute! I love the other views of that pattern too. You look fabulous!! x

  2. Really cute, it looks great on you!

    I have a really hard time with collars and have yet to do a peter pan style. At least you didn't let it sit in a pile for months like I would have. ;)

  3. That's so cute! I love a peter pan collar too. What I found to be the neatest way is to so a facing for the neckline then sandwich the facing, collar and blouse neckline altogether and stitch about a cent from the edge. When you turn it all right side round it looks neat and there are no messy bits to annoy you on the inside! But that was a hack and am not sure if it's officially the right way!

  4. That top looks great on you! I love the fabric print! And you're right - the slit and button looks so much better than a zipper! :)

  5. Don't blame yourself. Collars are usually drafted wrong for the neckline. I took a class on redrafting collars and haven't had any problems since.
    Yours looks good. They usually curl and fold, so you did something right!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @ Joanne: I am definitely using your method next time. Hack or not, it makes so much more sense than following the instructions. Thank you!