Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Slightly Disorganized Post and an Award!

I'm nearly prepared for my 200 followers giveaway, but not quite. I need to take some photos and add a few more things to the prize package. I'm hoping I'll be ready by next week, but I've been so tired from work that blogging properly (or staying awake past 8pm) has been difficult.

I am so late posting this! I started writing this last Thursday, but ran out of time and wasn't able to finish!

I began the day watching Fleur's Victory Roll Tutorial and thought -I know, I'll give this a try and post the results. That will be easy and fast and I can do it before work. Fleur's tutorial gave me a much better understanding of how Victory Rolls are supposed to work. I've never been able to do them before at all but after about ten minutes of futzing with my hair, I had two passable rolls. I gave them a good shellacking with hairspray ... and then I decided that the roll on the parted side of my hair wasn't quite right.

Unroll. Roll. Unroll. Spray. Brush. Roll. Unroll. Spray. Backcomb. Brush again. Roll. (repeat ad nauseum)

And poof! 40 minutes had gone by, the part side of my hair was in complete revolt, my fingers were sticky with hairspray and slightly orange from residual hair dye, and I had to leave for work. I scrubbed my hands, slapped a comb in the parted side, snapped a few quick pix in the mirror and was out the door.

I love the roll that worked. Clearly, though, this sort of thing takes practice and one should NOT give one's hair a thick and liberal coating of hairspray until they are completely done working with it. I think that was my big mistake. All that hairspray changed the texture of my hair and made it very difficult to work with. Not to say that my hair is easy to work with ever, but this really is the easiest way to do Victory Rolls I've come across and everything was going fine until all that spray.

In other news, Bea over at Butterflies and Hurricanes gave me a Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks Bea! I need to nominate a few of you for the award and write up 7 things you don't know about me. That will be in my next post!

Until then, I'm off to work!