Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Edwardian World's Fair

Mid-January the hubs and I, along with our friends Kristen and Shelly, attended the Edwardian Worlds Fair.  The Worlds Fair is part of a weekend-long celebration of all things Edward Gorey capped off by the Edwardian Ball.  As usual I neglected to bring my camera but you can see event photos at the official website here.  (If you happen to be in Los Angeles, the Edwardian Ball is coming to you on February 19th.)

The hubs and I prefer the Worlds Fair to the ball as it is a bit more relaxed but just as fabulous.  People dress to the nines for both events and the costuming ranges from characters from Edward Gorey books, to Edwardian era styles, to steampunk, to 20s gangster/flapper, to general chappishness, to just way out and drool-worthy lush and louche fantasy ensembles.  More photos here.

The headliner was Professor Elemental and despite the sound system refusing to play his backing music with any kind of consistency, he was wonderful.  He had the crowd chanting along with Cup of Brown Joy.  "When I say Earl Grey you say, Yes Please!"  "Early Grey!" "Yes please!" etc.  Great fun.

I self-drafted a 20s-ish dress by tracing together a 1980s dress pattern and a 1950s blouse pattern and I think it worked out rather well for a first effort.

I should have graded the underarm section a little differently because it sticks out a bit and I probably should have finished the bottom of the drape instead of leaving the selvedge edge.  These are things I can fix at a later date though.

As usual it looks better on the dress form than it does on me.  Naturally I neglected to take any photos until late at night after we'd gotten home from the event.  It's really hard to pose at 1am when you are half asleep.


  1. How lovely! The colour is divine!

  2. Looks like an incredible event: what fun!!!
    I think you look gorgeous, and way better in the dress than your dressform does!

  3. Cool! you did a great job it really looks like a 20's dress