Sunday, January 15, 2012

This Time It's Green

This 1965 pattern is a little more fitted then the last one.

I wasn't too sure about the big bow in the front.  It looks great in the drawings, but I'm not really a giant bow kind of girl.  I ended up attaching it to a pin rather than stitching it to the dress.  It doesn't lie flat which is annoying.

This dress was super easy to put together. The only thing I can't quite figure out is how to iron the collar.  I haven't been able to figure out a good way to get the wrinkles out and still maintain the curve, so it looks a little rumpled.  I will see if the dry cleaner can do anything with it.  If not, it may have to go.

Again, I can't seem to get the waist fitted enough and it's still baggy.  I've intensified the curve in the side seam and deepened the front darts.  All told, I've taken it in by about four inches and, while it does fit better,  I've messed up the way it drapes in the back.  Oh la!  A little more fiddling, I think and it will be fine.  As it is, it's fine to wear to work.