Monday, December 2, 2013

Tiki Oasis: I Made This!

This year's Tikibilly theme made it easy to pack! Almost all of my daytime outfits were based around either denim shorts or denim slacks that I made.

I used Simplicity 3435 to make the shorts and I love them.  I left the leg edges raw for Tiki-O to capture that "shipwrecked country girl" look.  For extra tikibilly goodness, on most days I paired them with a Hawaiian themed tooled leather belt and either a tropical or western top.

The halter top in this photo is from the 80s and is totally awesome!  
When I got home, to make the shorts more wearable, I simply serged the edges, flipped the hems to the inside and sewed them down.  

Finished hems.  Much more ladylike.
The blue and orange halter top was made with the bodice section of Retro Butterick B5209. I used a scrap of Hawaiian print from a box of hand-me-down fabric remnants. There was so little of the main fabric that I had to line it with another scrap from the stash.  Luckily the gold lining matches so well that it looks like I planned it! The bodice was a bit short for a shirt, and I wanted to finish the hem nicely, so I made a 1 inch bottom band.   

I finished the closure with an upside down zipper.  Not pretty on the inside, but it works perfectly!

For the denim slacks I used my tried and true pants pattern: Simplicity 4401.  To make them a little more versatile, I fashioned a bit of leftover denim into a removable overall flap. It is attached on the inside of the waistband with buttons. The pocket on the flap is made with the fabric lid-cover from a bottle of Luxardo Maraschino cocktail cherries. 
I call these my Luxardoveralls.
Forgive the blurry photos.  I took these at 6am while getting ready for work!

Hooray for patterns that require minimal fabric!  The leopard bra-top below (Sew Lovely B70) was made with teensy-tiny scraps left over from the 60s leopard print top that I blogged about here.  The red seam binding and red cotton sash fabric are both from the stash.

Party in the front...
…and, party in the back too.
The denim slacks are the Luxardoveralls without the overall flap.
That's everything that I made for this year's Tiki Oasis. There is one more dress that I made for last year but never blogged about. Since it went so well with the theme, I wore it again this year.  I'll show you it in the next post.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tiki Oasis: Who's a Bad Blogger?

Meeee!  I'm a bad blogger.  But you knew that.

I went to Tiki Oasis and had wonderful time.  
What I neglected to do while I was there was take a lot of photos.  
You know, like, for the blog.

It was a super fun event as always. This year's theme was Tikibilly so there was a lot of rockabilly music and really fun Country/Western-meets-Hawaiianna costumes and decorations.  Good times.

My only event photo is of the pie eating contest taken from the balcony of our room.  We were right above the stage...and yet I took no photos of the bands.  Le sigh.  Blogging is hard.

And this is one of the only photos that we took of me actually AT the event.
This is my "country-fried bikini" of faux denim shorts and an American flag halter top.  
I kind of love it.  It makes my beer gut look adorable. 

You know what I took photos of at Tiki Oasis?  THE MONKEY HUSBAND.
He is just so frickin' cute.  

He made three cabana sets to wear this year.  That's right, the Hubs can sew.  
(He made cabana sets for last year too, but I neglected to take any photos.  Uy.)

He used Kwik Sew 575 from the 1970s.

To fit the Tikibilly theme, he looked around for fabric that would combine rockabilly and Polynesian, but didn't have a lot of luck.  So, in keeping with the rockabilly side of things, he decided to go with the "Country Americana" trope of trailers, beer and BBQs. 

Here he is standing in front of Trader Mort's Liquor

in his trailer print cabana set.

And here, on the hotel grounds...

in his beer bottle print cabana set.

And finally here, posing with a newly acquired shrunken head
on the lanai of our hotel room...

in his BBQ print cabana set.

Man, that monkey is cute.  I'm so proud of his ability to sew. He's really good at it.  
I frequently ask him for help when I get stuck on a project.

Incidentally, I made a bunch of stuff for this year's Tiki Oasis, I just didn't photograph it at the event.  You know, because when having fun v. thinking about blogging, fun wins every time!

I'll post my outfits soon.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Still Has Blog?

I do?


I DO have a blog!

Gee, it's been while.  I have LOTS of stuff to post but it's all a bit outdated now, so the next few posts will be a little like going back in time.  Please be patient with me.  I hope to catch up to the present very quickly because the project I'm working on now is much different from what I usually sew and I'm looking forward to showing it to you.  Soon, I hope!

But now...

This is the last of the Hukilau-related posts.  (Yay!)  I made one more bra top to wear in Florida and it's probably my favorite because it involves BALL FRINGE.  I wore it to the vendors on the first day of the event.  They had a cute little photo booth where we got these fun photos taken.

MD is wearing two hats because he was already wearing a hat and bought another one at the vendors. It reminds me of this children's book.  Cute!  You don't really get the full frontal cuteness of the bra top in the photos above, though.

It looks like this.  The shorts are McCalls 5263

The top is Sew Lovely B70 and it ties in the back, just like all the others.  

I adore it.  I just wish it was ever hot enough in Fogville to wear a sun set like this.  I guess I'll just have to plan more exciting tropical vacations!

Next up Tiki Oasis! (No, really, I'm that far behind!)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stashbusting: One Pattern Two Ways

When you have small pieces of fabric to use up, you need simple patterns with small pieces.  I had a little bit of leopard in the stash and even less patchwork Madras.

Simplicity 4513 really did whip up in a jiffy.

I love the simple unstructured cut of View 3.

Love the boat neck and V-back.  So sixties!

I trimmed the edges of the neck and hemlines with a bit of purchased braid 
and added tassels in the front...

...and back.  I love tassels!

The Madras top is not as wearable.  I was worried that it would be too short, and it is.
I should have added trim (ball fringe!) to give it a bit more length.

I don't mind the midriff.  

I have cute love handles.  
 It's just that I can't really raise my arms (at all) without showing off my brassiere.
Maybe I need a hot pink bra?

 There are no facings.  Just bias tape trim.  I added a little bow at the back.

Successful stash busting!  Only four giant boxes and an entire shelf of fabric left to go!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Florida: Hukilau Randomness Part 2

Here's the last set of photos from our Fort Lauderdale Hukilau adventure.

That monkey of mine, cutting a fine figure in the gardens at the Mai Kai.

See that finger in the shot?  That's Mathias from Ixtahuele.  

Ixtahuele is an exotica band from Sweden and they are AMAZING.  
Really nice guys too.  Of course I forgot to take any ACTUAL photos of them 
because I am lame.  You should check them out on youtube, though.  So good.  

 A bunch of us got pulled up on the stage to dance with the Mai Kai dancers.  Thrilling!  
I want to take Polynesian dance classes now.

 This is the least crowded that the Mai Kai bar was all weekend.  Crazy.  But fun.

Love this lamp.  People from all over the world have signed the shade.

 Marquesan Baby Eaters.  Spooky!

Baby Eater close up.  Still scary.

 The Mai Kai has a large sculpture grotto with Polynesian art from all over.  So cool.

 Another hand-made ensemble.

The trousers are the usual Simplicity 4401.
I'll post more info on the top later.

...and finally a toast to you!

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for always being kind.  Thank you for inspiring me with your thoughtful comments and your own fantastic bloggy goodness.

Okole Maluna!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Florida: Hukilau Randomness Part 1

So, the Hukilau was pretty great.    It takes place at the amazing, beautiful and historic Mai Kai Restaurant as well as the (also historic but not as well preserved) Yankee Clipper Hotel (now the Sheraton Beachfront) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We met so many nice people.  Everyone was super duper friendly.  Once the event got rolling, I kind of forgot to take pictures but here are some random shots from the weekend.

When you refuse to be "that annoying lady with the flash"
a lot of your low light shots come out like this.

A monkey and his mug.

 This is Brian. He's from DC.  He likes to drink and he likes to talk.  We loved him!
Note the shining light in his Fez.  So cool!

 This mod girl (She's there. On the left. Keep looking.) had really cute outfits all weekend.  
Wish I'd gotten a snap of her in good light!

Nani Maka was a dancer at the Mai Kai waay back in the beginning and 
she's still got the moves. Beautiful woman and a class act all around.

 Photographing mermaids in a crowded bar is harder than you think. 
They are elusive.

 The first night got rained out, but the bands and bars moved indoors and everything was fine. 
(That's the Ding Dong Devils up on the stage.)

Don't you love all the colors in a tiki crowd?  It's something I will never tire of.

 Cheeky monkey.

 Feeling camera shy.

 Selfie fail.

 Ahh.  That's better. A kind man snapped this one for us.

This was the night that I met the lovely Tara from The DC Metro Retro.  She was so nice and just so impossibly cute!  I forgot to get a picture. Agh!  Bad blogger!