Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Not Crabby, I'm Lobstery

I was thrilled to find a lobster print pinstriped/faux-seersucker 100% cotton Tommy Hilfiger twin flat sheet for 99 cents at the thrift store!

It was pretty small and had some faint bleach stains on one end, but I thought it would make a wonderful summer dress, if I unfolded all of the seams and used a bodice pattern that didn’t require much fabric.
 I used the bodice from McCalls 6780.

Somehow, even though I’ve used this bodice pattern before, I forgot that it is a 36 bust.  The waist fits fine but the bust is ginormous!  I didn't do the alterations beforehand, so, after the whole thing was put together and lined and, dare I say, perfectly constructed, I had to take the top in on the sides to keep it from gapping.  It ruined my perfectly sewn interior, but it was worth it.  It fits, and that’s the main thing!

The skirt is just three giant rectangles gathered dirndl-style.  There are more gathers in the back than in the front and boy, is it ever FULL!    I love big puffy floaty skirts.  Especially with a crinoline.

The worst mistake was mis-calculating the placement of the lobsters when I cut out the skirt panels.  I had originally intended to put the bleach stained section in the back where there would be more gathers and it would be less noticeable. Unfortunately, in order to get all of the lobsters to (mostly) match up at the side-seams, I had to put the stained panel in front. Bummer!
 Luckily, the pattern is busy enough that you can’t tell that much.

My favorite element of this dress is the matched lobsters in the straps!

I love this dress so much!  It's crisp and preppy and peppy! It makes me super happy whenever I wear it.


  1. What a great dress! Only recently have I been scouring thrifts looking for used linens with the intent of using them as yardage...always late to the party. What is it about lobsters that make them such a perennially perfect theme? Remember when every grocery store had a lobster tank in it? Anyhow, you look awesome and the last picture is perfect (it reminds me a little of Judy Holliday - one of my faves)!!!

  2. It turned out beautifully! What a perfect dress for summer :)

  3. This dress is beautiful, and you look so lovely in it....and LOBSTERS!!!! The perfect summer dress - annoying that the stained panel worked out to be in the front, but honestly I can't even notice it in these pictures. Well done!

  4. Very "Schiap"(as in Schiaparelli) She did a lobster dress as well; I recently saw a pic of the Duchess of Windsor wearing it. All you need is a shoe for a hat!

  5. This is the cutest dress I have seen in awhile! And, its one of a kind!! Perfect, I love it so much, nautical is perfect ALL year!

  6. beautiful pictures and colors!that red lippy suits you so well too. nice to discover your blog!

  7. Thank you EVERYONE!

    @ Mr Tiny - Judy Holiday? *Blush* I adore her!

    @ Sufiya - I know, the whole time I was sewing I kept thinking about Schiaparelli. I DO need a kooky Schiaparelli-esque accessory to go with this dress. There's a vintage wicker lobster purse on ebay but it's $400. Le sigh.

  8. Finally, YES, another practical honey! Due to being poor last year I stumbled upon the concept of using bed sheets for fashion and I have NOT looked back.

    This was a good find. I am pinning this, sharing this, loving this post . . .whatever.

    Thanks for being a force on the WWW, Ms. Gabriella.