Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lonestar Roundup - Roundup! Day One

This year instead of Viva Las Vegas we went to the Lonestar Roundup, three days of vintage car fun in Austin, Texas.  We flew in on the red-eye on Thursday night and on Friday morning, we met up with our friend Stephan who was our super awesome tour guide.

We started at the Johnson Ranch, which was delightful.  They won't let you take any photos inside the house, but let me tell you, it is a real treat to see how the Johnson family lived.  It has been restored to when LBJ was alive and it is mid-mod magnificent.

The ranch itself is lovely too: acres of softly rolling countryside, a lazy river, farm animals; a wonderful, peaceful place to visit.

The long driveway up to the ranch.
Rolling hills and cows.
...and it's got its own air strip.

Nick, the Hubs, and LBJ's private plane.
Stephan, MD, and Nick enjoying some shade.
MD standing in front of the secret service bungalow.
 After the Johnson ranch we went to Fredericksburg for lunch at Hondo's on Main.

The first of many Lone Star beers.
Hungry people waiting for chicken fried...everything.
Fredericksburg still has an old-timey five and dime store.  I haven't been inside a real five and dime in many years.  It reminded me of the Sprouse-Reitz drugstore in my hometown when I was growing up.

Hubs and Stephan in front of Dooley's 5, 10, and 25 Cent Store
It has everything!  (Including fabric, from which I averted my eyes.) I went straight to the makeup and hair care aisle where I picked up tons of Jac-0-net hair nets and a very pretty vintage-looking box of loose powder in Bridal Pink.  I also got a retro automatic address finder.  Love!

On our way back to town we stopped of at Luckenback, Texas. Yes, that Luckenback, Texas, just like the song.  What started off as an Indian trading post on sleepy Hill Country ranch was transformed by Hondo Crouch (see link above) into the preeminent 1970s country western road house.  Willie Nelson doesn't come by as much as he used to, but the place is still serving up country western music, cheap beer, and fun on a daily basis.

It's a favorite pit-stop for touring Harley Riders and vintage car enthusiasts.
The beautiful dance hall.
The "buy a brick" patio.  Don't step on that one in the middle or you'll break your momma's back.
One of the gorgeously weathered outbuildings.
Me and Katie and more Lone Star!
After Luckenback, we headed back to Austin to see the famous Congress Street bats fly at dusk. We had a little frozen custard, checked out the cruise on South Congress (none of my snaps came out), ate a quick dinner and then trundled back to the hotel for bed.  It was a long wonderful day.

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  1. What a great start to your trip! Now I'll be singing Luckenboch Texas all day at work ;-) I've always wanted to check out Austin. One of these days!