Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lone Star Roundup - Roundup! Day Two

Our second day in Austin was devoted mostly to the Lonestar Roundup Car Show.  I got a little overwhelmed and only took ONE car picture!

"For Sale: Wife says only two projects at a time!"
After the car show we had lunch at the Broken Spoke.  It would have been great to come back at night for bands and dancing, but we had so little time and so many things we wanted to see!

Another beautiful Texas dance hall.
What no band? How 'bout we start up this juke box?
Not sure what to do with that old tailgate? Put a bench on it!
Guitars and Nudie suits.
Katie enjoying her lunch.
This is my "OMG take the effing picture" face.
That evening we went to Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon for chicken shit bingo.  The saloon was absolutely packed to the gills.  Even the back parking lot was full of people.   Despite being in a really hot and crowded bar, we had a great time. CSB was bizarre and fantastic and the house band was excellent!   I will definitely be back the next time we are in Austin.

Little Longhorn Saloon
By now, I've moved on to Lone Star light.
Nick and MD discussing bingo strategy.
This is the teensy little corner where the bands play.
It's amazing to me how polite people are in Austin.  Even though this place was packed beyond belief everyone was so nice!  No pushing, no shoving, no sending out bad vibes, no lame-o attitude.  Same "types" that I'd expect to see in a similar SF bar, but a much better experience overall.  Thanks Austin for being awesome!

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