Thursday, August 22, 2013

Florida: A Brunch and a Blouse

Have I mentioned that my husband is a snappy dresser?  Well he is.

I mean, look at those shoes and socks.  He gets everything right.

The morning of day two we did a little bit of brunching and walking on the beach.  Doing my best to keep those Mai Tai pounds away, I thought I should order a salad, but ended up with the most high calorie (and therefore, delicious) one on the menu. 
Oh well.  Salad all day, booze all night!

Well, maybe just a little booze in the morning.  Just to keep things balanced.
(I didn't intend for our outfits to match, but they did. Pink tops for everyone!)

The trousers are Simplicity 4401 again. I made my top using Simplicity 5285 with stripey pink fabric from the stash.  Just like the pattern illustration.  Serendipity!

The Hubs says I should smile more in photos.

Or at least move around and DO something.

Actually, I prefer my "bitchy resting face" but trying to smile is sort of fun, if not always successful.


  1. Great outfit, and I love the matching booze!

  2. He's so right; the palm tree pics are priceless!!!

  3. you're basically the cutest thing ever....and your hubby IS one snappy dresser!



  4. Thank you lovely people!

    @ Nicole: I'm a big fan of matchy-matchy. If you can match your drink to your outfit, why not!? :)

    @ Tiny: Palm trees make everything look cuter!

    @ Janel: My hubs rocks and YOU are the cutest thing ever!