Thursday, September 26, 2013

Florida: Hukilau Randomness Part 2

Here's the last set of photos from our Fort Lauderdale Hukilau adventure.

That monkey of mine, cutting a fine figure in the gardens at the Mai Kai.

See that finger in the shot?  That's Mathias from Ixtahuele.  

Ixtahuele is an exotica band from Sweden and they are AMAZING.  
Really nice guys too.  Of course I forgot to take any ACTUAL photos of them 
because I am lame.  You should check them out on youtube, though.  So good.  

 A bunch of us got pulled up on the stage to dance with the Mai Kai dancers.  Thrilling!  
I want to take Polynesian dance classes now.

 This is the least crowded that the Mai Kai bar was all weekend.  Crazy.  But fun.

Love this lamp.  People from all over the world have signed the shade.

 Marquesan Baby Eaters.  Spooky!

Baby Eater close up.  Still scary.

 The Mai Kai has a large sculpture grotto with Polynesian art from all over.  So cool.

 Another hand-made ensemble.

The trousers are the usual Simplicity 4401.
I'll post more info on the top later.

...and finally a toast to you!

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for always being kind.  Thank you for inspiring me with your thoughtful comments and your own fantastic bloggy goodness.

Okole Maluna!

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