Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Still Has Blog?

I do?


I DO have a blog!

Gee, it's been while.  I have LOTS of stuff to post but it's all a bit outdated now, so the next few posts will be a little like going back in time.  Please be patient with me.  I hope to catch up to the present very quickly because the project I'm working on now is much different from what I usually sew and I'm looking forward to showing it to you.  Soon, I hope!

But now...

This is the last of the Hukilau-related posts.  (Yay!)  I made one more bra top to wear in Florida and it's probably my favorite because it involves BALL FRINGE.  I wore it to the vendors on the first day of the event.  They had a cute little photo booth where we got these fun photos taken.

MD is wearing two hats because he was already wearing a hat and bought another one at the vendors. It reminds me of this children's book.  Cute!  You don't really get the full frontal cuteness of the bra top in the photos above, though.

It looks like this.  The shorts are McCalls 5263

The top is Sew Lovely B70 and it ties in the back, just like all the others.  

I adore it.  I just wish it was ever hot enough in Fogville to wear a sun set like this.  I guess I'll just have to plan more exciting tropical vacations!

Next up Tiki Oasis! (No, really, I'm that far behind!)

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