Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tiki Oasis: Who's a Bad Blogger?

Meeee!  I'm a bad blogger.  But you knew that.

I went to Tiki Oasis and had wonderful time.  
What I neglected to do while I was there was take a lot of photos.  
You know, like, for the blog.

It was a super fun event as always. This year's theme was Tikibilly so there was a lot of rockabilly music and really fun Country/Western-meets-Hawaiianna costumes and decorations.  Good times.

My only event photo is of the pie eating contest taken from the balcony of our room.  We were right above the stage...and yet I took no photos of the bands.  Le sigh.  Blogging is hard.

And this is one of the only photos that we took of me actually AT the event.
This is my "country-fried bikini" of faux denim shorts and an American flag halter top.  
I kind of love it.  It makes my beer gut look adorable. 

You know what I took photos of at Tiki Oasis?  THE MONKEY HUSBAND.
He is just so frickin' cute.  

He made three cabana sets to wear this year.  That's right, the Hubs can sew.  
(He made cabana sets for last year too, but I neglected to take any photos.  Uy.)

He used Kwik Sew 575 from the 1970s.

To fit the Tikibilly theme, he looked around for fabric that would combine rockabilly and Polynesian, but didn't have a lot of luck.  So, in keeping with the rockabilly side of things, he decided to go with the "Country Americana" trope of trailers, beer and BBQs. 

Here he is standing in front of Trader Mort's Liquor

in his trailer print cabana set.

And here, on the hotel grounds...

in his beer bottle print cabana set.

And finally here, posing with a newly acquired shrunken head
on the lanai of our hotel room...

in his BBQ print cabana set.

Man, that monkey is cute.  I'm so proud of his ability to sew. He's really good at it.  
I frequently ask him for help when I get stuck on a project.

Incidentally, I made a bunch of stuff for this year's Tiki Oasis, I just didn't photograph it at the event.  You know, because when having fun v. thinking about blogging, fun wins every time!

I'll post my outfits soon.  Stay tuned!


  1. Your out fits are brilliant! Love the halter, and I could think of so many uses for the barbecue print!

  2. Thanks Nicole! Isn't that barbecue print THE BEST?!

  3. What the what? Morgan makes his own outfits?! I am in awe!!!!! Right that's it - I am going to have to put Aaron to work on the sewing machine!!!!

  4. Hee hee. Yep. The Hubs is good at all kinds of stuff. :) Aaron is so stylish. He'd make amazing stuff I'm sure!

  5. Hey Barbecue Man,
    I was at the waterfall photo session in my cabana set, but have been unable to find the pix that were take at that time. Do you know where on-line they can be found? Thanks in advance.
    Steve "Highball" Hurley