Monday, December 2, 2013

Tiki Oasis: I Made This!

This year's Tikibilly theme made it easy to pack! Almost all of my daytime outfits were based around either denim shorts or denim slacks that I made.

I used Simplicity 3435 to make the shorts and I love them.  I left the leg edges raw for Tiki-O to capture that "shipwrecked country girl" look.  For extra tikibilly goodness, on most days I paired them with a Hawaiian themed tooled leather belt and either a tropical or western top.

The halter top in this photo is from the 80s and is totally awesome!  
When I got home, to make the shorts more wearable, I simply serged the edges, flipped the hems to the inside and sewed them down.  

Finished hems.  Much more ladylike.
The blue and orange halter top was made with the bodice section of Retro Butterick B5209. I used a scrap of Hawaiian print from a box of hand-me-down fabric remnants. There was so little of the main fabric that I had to line it with another scrap from the stash.  Luckily the gold lining matches so well that it looks like I planned it! The bodice was a bit short for a shirt, and I wanted to finish the hem nicely, so I made a 1 inch bottom band.   

I finished the closure with an upside down zipper.  Not pretty on the inside, but it works perfectly!

For the denim slacks I used my tried and true pants pattern: Simplicity 4401.  To make them a little more versatile, I fashioned a bit of leftover denim into a removable overall flap. It is attached on the inside of the waistband with buttons. The pocket on the flap is made with the fabric lid-cover from a bottle of Luxardo Maraschino cocktail cherries. 
I call these my Luxardoveralls.
Forgive the blurry photos.  I took these at 6am while getting ready for work!

Hooray for patterns that require minimal fabric!  The leopard bra-top below (Sew Lovely B70) was made with teensy-tiny scraps left over from the 60s leopard print top that I blogged about here.  The red seam binding and red cotton sash fabric are both from the stash.

Party in the front...
…and, party in the back too.
The denim slacks are the Luxardoveralls without the overall flap.
That's everything that I made for this year's Tiki Oasis. There is one more dress that I made for last year but never blogged about. Since it went so well with the theme, I wore it again this year.  I'll show you it in the next post.


  1. Those overalls are SOOOOOOOOOOO flippin' cute on you! I seriously LOVE them!!!!!!!! :D

    1. Thank you Mel! I love them too. The one odd thing I've discovered about a removable overall flap is that you have to wash it each time you wash the jeans in order to keep them the same color. BUT it's a pretty great cheat compared to making multiple pairs of pants. :)

  2. I adore, I mean ADORE everything you made and wore in this post!! That Hawaiian top is gorgeous! Great work!