Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Little Casa on a Hill Featured on Janel Holiday Interior Design

My friend Janel, from Janel Holiday Interior Design came by with her camera last Friday night and snapped a few photos of our home.  She's posted them in a photo essay on her blog. You can see them by clicking the link below.

Janel is an incredibly talented interior designer and she is one of the most stylish people I know.  She is also an artist who makes amazing collage art and shadow boxes.  Plus she is a super sweet person.  Having her wandering around the house snapping photos made me feel so house proud.

The hubs and I are inveterate flea market and thrift store shoppers and vintage collectors.  We have so much fun finding treasures and arranging them in little groups throughout the house.  None of it is worth much or probably very desirable to anyone else, but we love our little piles of "junk."  Having our "junk" appreciated by someone who I respect so much was a real treat. I do wish I'd dusted before she came over, though.  Oh well!

Do stop by Janel's blog if you want to see the photos.  Below is a teaser snap I took myself,  just to give you a little taste of what our house is like.

The living room.