Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Great Migration

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lonestar Roundup - Roundup! Day Three

On Sunday morning, we had the world's longest breakfast with Stephan and his sister.  Thank goodness the company was good because it took forever!  We waited an hour outside after being told 20 minutes over and over and then the kitchen lost our order and it took an other hour to get our food.  I won't even tell you where we went, because it shouldn't have taken that long and the staff didn't manage the situation very well.  So annoying!

Luckily, the thrift store that Stephan's sister manages was right across the street or the morning would have been a total loss!  It's called Top Drawer and supports the local HIV+ community.

Stephan's sister does such a great job.  The store is arranged beautifully and feels more like a quality vintage store than a thrift shop. If you are ever in Austin be sure to check it out. It's extremely well curated and the deals are amazing!

No racks full of old tshirts here!
With a limited amout of suitcase space, shopping here was torture!
So we bought another suitcase.
We found some lovely things. I came away with two fur wraps, a white 60s cardigan, and a very space-age white 60s three strand necklace.  MD got a horse blanket and an amazing dead stock cowboy hat.

After breakfast and thrifting, it was now pretty late in the day.  We had a little bit of time to kill before we met Katie and Nick for dinner, so we did a little driving around and lookey-loo-ing. 

We stopped in to have a look at the Driskill Hotel. SO pretty!

Want proof that I am the worst tourist ever?  This painting is HUGE and hangs in a place of prominence at the top of the grand staircase...and I forgot to find out who he is.

Lobby ceiling.
Seating area in the lobby.
MD, his new hat, and a longhorn.
Seating area in the lounge.
After the Driskill, we drove back to South Congress Avenue and checked out the Continental Club. It's a tiny little place that has been in business for a very long time.  Lots of great musicians have played there.  It reminded me a little bit of Demarcos' 23 Club in the Bay Area:  historic but unpretentious.

Memorabilia in the back bar.
A vintage Wanda Jackson headshot.  Cute!
Stephan enjoying a cold one.
South Congress Avenue is loaded with food trucks of every description.  It's such a cool thing and a wonderful way to use up what would be just an empty lot. Hey Cupcake (Yes. They sell fancy cupcakes.) was my favorite by far.

Shiny Airstream + gravel patio + string lights + vintage seating = TRUE LOVE!
For dinner that night we went to the Hula Hut which is a "tiki" restaurant out on the lake.  Imagine a Chevy's with a tiki theme and you've pretty much got the idea.  The food was actually pretty good but I wouldn't recommend it as a destination to any true tiki aficionados.  It's definitely a "blue drinks" kind of place. 

Still, it's hard to hate on anything served in a fishbowl!
And that was it.  We had a flight out at the crack of dawn the next morning. I wish that we'd had more time.  Austin is a fun, interesting, and historical city and I'd love to go back and see all the wonderful things we missed.

Thank you Austin!

(This is Tumbleweed.  He is alive and enormous and very patient.)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lone Star Roundup - Roundup! Day Two

Our second day in Austin was devoted mostly to the Lonestar Roundup Car Show.  I got a little overwhelmed and only took ONE car picture!

"For Sale: Wife says only two projects at a time!"
After the car show we had lunch at the Broken Spoke.  It would have been great to come back at night for bands and dancing, but we had so little time and so many things we wanted to see!

Another beautiful Texas dance hall.
What no band? How 'bout we start up this juke box?
Not sure what to do with that old tailgate? Put a bench on it!
Guitars and Nudie suits.
Katie enjoying her lunch.
This is my "OMG take the effing picture" face.
That evening we went to Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon for chicken shit bingo.  The saloon was absolutely packed to the gills.  Even the back parking lot was full of people.   Despite being in a really hot and crowded bar, we had a great time. CSB was bizarre and fantastic and the house band was excellent!   I will definitely be back the next time we are in Austin.

Little Longhorn Saloon
By now, I've moved on to Lone Star light.
Nick and MD discussing bingo strategy.
This is the teensy little corner where the bands play.
It's amazing to me how polite people are in Austin.  Even though this place was packed beyond belief everyone was so nice!  No pushing, no shoving, no sending out bad vibes, no lame-o attitude.  Same "types" that I'd expect to see in a similar SF bar, but a much better experience overall.  Thanks Austin for being awesome!