Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pikku Pikku Bikinissa

And, again, I am on the internet in my underwear, as the stash busting continues.

My Tia Maria gave me a little over a yard of a very cute floral polyester.  I love that the flowers look like teensy polka dots from far away.

I used it to make this late 60s swimsuit.

It was so easy to make! I also changed the shoulder straps in to halter ties and I used some vintage buttons from the stash to close the back. 


And now I have my very own itsy bitsy teeny weeny (blue) polka dot bikini.

In Finnish (thanks Ulrika!) it is a Pikku Pikku Bikinissa.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

In the TikiTikiTikiTiki Tiki Room...

Hello Friends!

I've been doing a LOT of sewing and a lot of traveling and not nearly enough blogging.  I will be back soon with a proper post involving SEWING!

In the mean-time, please enjoy this snap of the Hubs and I on a recent date night.  We went to dinner at the Presidio Social Club before attending an event the Walt Disney Family Museum  celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room.
What does a perpetually cold Fogvillian wear to a tiki event on a chilly June night?
70's wool double knit of course!
It was a great event!  It served as a warm-up for Tiki Oasis.  Charles Phoenix was there doing a Disney-themed version of his mid-century slide show and Smugglers Cove provided delicious cocktails.

Here are some more snaps from the event.

The MaiKai Gents (Who no long appear to have a proper web page. Sigh!) 
Mary Blair floor!  (There are wall mosaics too!)
The Hubs chatting with King Kukulele and other tikiphiles.
Vanessa's hat is made entire of FEATHERS!