Friday, August 30, 2013

Florida: Anniversary Dinner

For our anniversary dinner we went to Dada in Del Ray Beach.

This is a pork belly waffle dog.  It's exactly what you think it is and it's delicious.

 I had some yummy gazpacho.  Soothing in the Florida heat.  Delicious, once I convinced myself that I wasn't eating a bowl of salsa with a spoon.

 My husband is cute and silly.

 He thinks that I am silly too.

 We ate entirely too much food.

 This nice lady took our picture.

 But it came out a little blurry.

I made my dress using Retro Butterick B5209.  I only used the bodice.  
The skirt is a giant four-panel rectangle gathered at the waist.  
It's a late 40s pattern, but with the dirndle skirt, it's got a definite early 60s vibe.

 I used some lip print fabric from the stash.

 My husband said, "Don't look so serious."  This was my response.

Slightly better. But still serious.

 After much wine, the non-serious poses improved.

That's more like it.  Hooray wine!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Florida: A Brunch and a Blouse

Have I mentioned that my husband is a snappy dresser?  Well he is.

I mean, look at those shoes and socks.  He gets everything right.

The morning of day two we did a little bit of brunching and walking on the beach.  Doing my best to keep those Mai Tai pounds away, I thought I should order a salad, but ended up with the most high calorie (and therefore, delicious) one on the menu. 
Oh well.  Salad all day, booze all night!

Well, maybe just a little booze in the morning.  Just to keep things balanced.
(I didn't intend for our outfits to match, but they did. Pink tops for everyone!)

The trousers are Simplicity 4401 again. I made my top using Simplicity 5285 with stripey pink fabric from the stash.  Just like the pattern illustration.  Serendipity!

The Hubs says I should smile more in photos.

Or at least move around and DO something.

Actually, I prefer my "bitchy resting face" but trying to smile is sort of fun, if not always successful.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Florida: On The Sea Front

This is probably my favorite outfit that I made for the trip to Florida.

I made the trousers using Simplicity 4401.  The top is  Sew Lovely B70.  Turns out, if you make a bra pattern out of cotton twill, it magically becomes a beach top!

 It was the perfect outfit for wandering the strand and looking for evidence of 
the 1960 film "Where the Boys Are".

Unfortunately, on the inside, the Elbo Room is not as cute as I remember from the film.  (Then again, the interiors were shot on a lot so I don't know what I was expecting.)  But at least it's still there!  And it's very cute from the outside!

 It was eight thousand degrees and one million percent humidity that day.  But, as I come from the land of perpetual Fall, I won't complain about a little heat.

 Still, I couldn't wait to get back under that parasol.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Florida: Five Points Lounge

Fort Lauderdale to be exact.

We were there for the Hukilau.  We arrived about a week before the event 
so that we could spend some time relaxing and exploring.
On our first night we went to the Five Points Tiki Lounge

 I wore this.

The trousers are Simplicity 4401.  The top is Simplicity 1201.

I know its hard to see in the photo at the top, but I trimmed the neckline in ball fringe.  
BALL FRINGE.  Possibly the greatest fringe the world has ever known.

Five Points Tiki Lounge is a collective of many different and wonderful things under one roof. 
It is a tattoo parlor...

...which is full of lovely tiki artifacts...

...and gorgeous flash... well as many vintage bits and bobs.

It is an art gallery...

...with pieces by local artists.

It is a hair salon.

It is a beer and wine bar...
...with a definite tiki motif.

Such a beautiful place!


They also have live music.  This is the stage where the bands play.

This is definitely the epicenter for cool folks in Fort Lauderdale but everyone is so nice!
Five Points is only open a few days a week so we only were able to go that first night.
We would definitely go back. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for a cool non-touristy
night out in Ft. Lauderdale.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Dinner Date

From time to time the husband likes to take me out for a date.  There are always new spots opening up so we like to try them out.  Zoe is mostly a bar but they have a full kitchen and are just as serious about food as they are about drinks.  We weren't disappointed.

The Bar at Zoe
A Warm Cozy Booth
Delicious Food
A Happy Husband
and A Happy Me
 We came in early on a Friday night and got in and out before it got too crowded.  I think this is a great date spot if you can snag one of  the booths along the back wall.