Thursday, September 26, 2013

Florida: Hukilau Randomness Part 2

Here's the last set of photos from our Fort Lauderdale Hukilau adventure.

That monkey of mine, cutting a fine figure in the gardens at the Mai Kai.

See that finger in the shot?  That's Mathias from Ixtahuele.  

Ixtahuele is an exotica band from Sweden and they are AMAZING.  
Really nice guys too.  Of course I forgot to take any ACTUAL photos of them 
because I am lame.  You should check them out on youtube, though.  So good.  

 A bunch of us got pulled up on the stage to dance with the Mai Kai dancers.  Thrilling!  
I want to take Polynesian dance classes now.

 This is the least crowded that the Mai Kai bar was all weekend.  Crazy.  But fun.

Love this lamp.  People from all over the world have signed the shade.

 Marquesan Baby Eaters.  Spooky!

Baby Eater close up.  Still scary.

 The Mai Kai has a large sculpture grotto with Polynesian art from all over.  So cool.

 Another hand-made ensemble.

The trousers are the usual Simplicity 4401.
I'll post more info on the top later.

...and finally a toast to you!

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for always being kind.  Thank you for inspiring me with your thoughtful comments and your own fantastic bloggy goodness.

Okole Maluna!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Florida: Hukilau Randomness Part 1

So, the Hukilau was pretty great.    It takes place at the amazing, beautiful and historic Mai Kai Restaurant as well as the (also historic but not as well preserved) Yankee Clipper Hotel (now the Sheraton Beachfront) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We met so many nice people.  Everyone was super duper friendly.  Once the event got rolling, I kind of forgot to take pictures but here are some random shots from the weekend.

When you refuse to be "that annoying lady with the flash"
a lot of your low light shots come out like this.

A monkey and his mug.

 This is Brian. He's from DC.  He likes to drink and he likes to talk.  We loved him!
Note the shining light in his Fez.  So cool!

 This mod girl (She's there. On the left. Keep looking.) had really cute outfits all weekend.  
Wish I'd gotten a snap of her in good light!

Nani Maka was a dancer at the Mai Kai waay back in the beginning and 
she's still got the moves. Beautiful woman and a class act all around.

 Photographing mermaids in a crowded bar is harder than you think. 
They are elusive.

 The first night got rained out, but the bands and bars moved indoors and everything was fine. 
(That's the Ding Dong Devils up on the stage.)

Don't you love all the colors in a tiki crowd?  It's something I will never tire of.

 Cheeky monkey.

 Feeling camera shy.

 Selfie fail.

 Ahh.  That's better. A kind man snapped this one for us.

This was the night that I met the lovely Tara from The DC Metro Retro.  She was so nice and just so impossibly cute!  I forgot to get a picture. Agh!  Bad blogger!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Florida: Tripfit Photo Fail

Beachy bra-top using Sew Lovely B70.  Clam diggers using Simplicity 3435.

Sometimes, you plan to take photos of all of the outfits you made for your trip 
WHILE you are on your trip.  But nature works against you.

There might be so much haze and glare outside that when you take off your sunglasses, 
you can't open your eyes properly.

And when you finally force them open, you simply grimace.  
Not to mention that it's so humid that the camera lens is completely fogged.

This might be the best that you can do.

So you retake them when you get home.

They lack the pizazz of photos taken on vacation,

but at least you can see the outfit a teensy bit better.

And you aren't grimacing.  Much.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Florida: The Big Monkey Gets A Haircut

The husband was worried that he didn't bring the right hat for his Palm Beach suit.  
I said not to worry.  He didn't need a hat.  Just a haircut.

See?  Fuzzy.

We found a cute little Barbershop near the beach.

Cute and retroey.

I waited at the bar...

...while the monkey got the chop.

 Snappily dressed barber.

CUTE MASCOT!  Every barber shop should have one of these.

Of course, we found a hat for him to wear at the Hukilau vendors the next day.