Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wearing Things I've Made: Blu Dot Opening

A while back (August!  I'm still catching up with my summer projects!  Uy.) 
 we attended the opening of the new Blu Dot store in Fogville.   

  Blue Dot is a super cool modern furniture store.

Our friend Jim worked for nearly a year on the new location, 
getting everything perfect and ready for the opening.

It's a beautiful space, full of beautiful things.   

I should have taken more photos of the furniture but the place was mobbed!

I took photos of stylish people instead.

On the left is Janel, Jim's better half.  She is a fabulous interior designer. 
She writes about style, fashion and design on her blog Janel Holiday Interior Design.  
With her is Carrie of Carried Away with Vintage Gourmet.

Jim and Janel are avid scooterists so, of course,
a vintage scooter had to be involved in the event.  Gorgeous!

I love this shelf of Blu Dot squirrels.  Why squirrels?  Why not?

I wore this.  The trousers are Simplicity 4401.  Yes, AGAIN!
I love this pattern.  It works perfectly on my short round body with no alterations. 
Can't. Be. Beat.  Sure it's not the most exciting outfit ever, but I love these trousers. SO MUCH!  

They are the perfect thing for hanging out in a very fancy shop 
while having cocktails and ogling  gorgeous modern furniture.


  1. You look great! I think those trousers look very smart - nothing wrong with a chic wardrobe staple!

    1. Thanks Mr. Tiny! I am addicted to this pattern. :)