Thursday, February 13, 2014

Costuming: Gatsby Summer Afternoon

Back in September we attended the Gatsby Summer Afternoon with our friends Chris and Katrina. The lawn at the Dunsmuir-Hellman Estate was filled to the brim with vintage cars and elegant folks enjoying picnics and socializing. We had a wonderful time even though it was SO HOT!  We ended up moving our picnic a couple of times to try and find the coolest spot.

Because there's nothing like waiting until the last minute, my 20s-style outfit was thrifted, almost in it's entirety, in under an hour at our favorite thrift store just a few days before the event.  I added a few finishing touches from my wardrobe stash: stockings, the enormous purple flower-ish thingy on my hat (which was a cake topper left over from a work party), my parasol, cuff links and  tie pin, but everything else was new to me straight from the thrift shop.  I like how everything came together although I do have a little costumers guilt since I didn't sew a thing, unless you count fixing the tie and attaching the sash to the shirt.

The shoes and skirt are 80s, the French cuffed silk blouse and under-blouse are probably 1990s, the hat is contemporary, the deep purple sash was found on the tie rack for 99 cents,  and the rep tie…might have come from a doll?  It was pre-tied in a knot but had nothing to go around the neck.  I improvised a ribbon and snap clasp that sits under my collar.  So nothing is even really vintage, but I think I still got pretty close to a 20s silhouette.

Chris and the Hubs looked very dapper  in modern pieces with a vintage look.
I particularly like the husband's striped punting jacket.

Katrina wore a 30s inspired lightweight modern dress and t-strap pumps,
and she matched her sling to her outfit.  She thinks of everything! 
She also gets smart points for her wide brimmed Goorin sun hat.
It was just so HOT out!

Ice cream sandwiches helped fight the intense heat.
Can you tell that I'm melting here?

As usual the cars were magnificent.

The picnics were glorious too.  These adorable folks...

...brought an entire oak sideboard to the picnic site with them.  

Their set-up was deluxe!   

So many beverages!

It was a long hot day and, alas, my shoes did not survive.  The glue melted and one of my soles came completely off.  I was able to glue it back on once we got home, but I spent about half the picnic running around in stocking feet.   Not very glamorous but, oh well.  That's me!

All in all, despite the heat and minor footwear disasters, it was a really nice day.  
We made new friends...

...oohed and aaahed at the well-dressed crowds, 

…and determined that I should never be given the good camera 
unless you desire "impressionist" photographs.

A lovely time was had by all! If you are a 20s & 30s enthusiast I highly recommend this event!

I'm looking forward to the next one.  Hopefully I'll be able to sew something in time!

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