Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stashbusting: Super Sixties In Flannel

Once upon a time, I needed to add a little extra fabric to my order to get free shipping so I bought a yard of this.  Gorgeous right?  Except that in my haste I didn't notice that it is flannel.  
I do not love flannel.

But I love stashbusting.  I love it. I did not purchase anything new for this project.  Not one thing.

I was hoping to have enough to make a 60s shift dress but the fabric wasn't quite wide enough for anything that had to be cut on a fold if I wanted to match the pattern.  Blouses weren't working either.  

Eventually I found this in the stash.  The miniskirt pattern was perfect!
It's from1970 but still has that awesome late 60s mod flare.

I didn't need to cut anything on the fold.  Hooray!  The pieces were small enough that they would fit perfectly on the fabric and allow me to match the pattern, sort of.

So I traced it off and got to work. I used to hate tracing patterns, but now I love it.  
I find it extremely relaxing.  Not cutting into my uncut vintage patterns is a good thing, too.

Complicated pattern matching freaks me out, but I did pretty well.
It's not perfect, but it works.

The back seam looks great.  Very psychedelic.

I was worried about the fabric not draping right and not having enough weight
so I lined it with pink cotton, also from the stash.

The whole thing went together in a jiffy and I really like it. 

For posing ideas, I looked at Youthquakers 
If you haven't seen this site and you love the 60s & 70s go NOW!  You will just die! 

Here are my versions of awesome 60s modeling poses.

Stargazing mannequin. Always a favorite.

Somewhat aggressive paddle hands.

Trapped in a box.

Awkward but serious knee bend.

Perky and twee.

Random leg lift.

These poses are fun, but I think I'll just stick with my usual "bitchy resting face".  It just works.

Side Note: If you love 60s & 70s fashion (and fashion history) you may already know about Youthquakers. If not, in short, the woman who runs the blog has a vast collection of Vogue magazines which she scans and then makes available for us to peruse. All models and photographers are noted (if known) and sometimes the designers too. It's an AMAZING resource. She's going through a bit of a rough patch and is selling off some of her collection and asking for donations. If you like this sort of thing, I encourage you to send her a few bucks or maybe buy one of her vintage magazines. Think of it as donating to a fashion history museum. Essentially that's what it is. See her site here:


  1. Great skirt, I just love your 60s poses! x

    1. Thanks Sarah! 60s poses are the MOST fun!

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  3. What an awesome de-stash project! I really, really love the fabric and would never have guessed that it's flannel!

    Also, I'm definitely a fan of the stargazing mannequin pose... I just might have to borrow it.

  4. awesome skirt! It was a good idea to pop this fabric in your shopping basket! i love making a big fuss out of my posing too, My inspiration is the 60s sears and jc penny catalogues! the girls always seem to be running away from something...

  5. I'm a newbie to your blog (just found it today) - but I just had to give you a STANDING OVATION for giving us the complete experience. YOU'RE PERFECT! I LOVE IT! :-)

  6. Great job on the adorable skirt! And your modeling is PERFECTION! I'm so happy to have found your blog.