Sunday, April 20, 2014

Leopard Soft Serve

More slacks.  Simplicity 4401 again. 

This leopard fabric is so very strange.  I was searching for bottom weight twills and when this popped up on my screen I though, "Oh YES!"  But it's just weird.

It's possible that I bought upholstery fabric by accident. It doesn't have a lot of stretch to start with but as the day goes on, it gets droopier and droopier and never quite snaps back.  But the next time I wear them, the trousers have gone back to their original shape.  

So strange. After the first few wears, I took the waistband off and added pintucking front and back to help them look a little more tailored.

Also, the leopard print runs across the grain and I managed to cut these slacks out  in such a way that the dark stripe cuts across my body.  I look like a leopard ice cream cone.  Despite all the issues I like them.  They are as comfy as sweats but a teensy bit classier.

But only a teensy bit.


  1. I love them, they look great! It's strange that the fabric droops though. I just love your style by the way - so chic! x

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  3. I love them. I really like the style. I agree, classier than sweats. BTW-I purchased that same fabric to make a coat!

  4. Adorable pants - And I SEE YOUR BAKELITE! (Lucky Duck!!)