Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Vera Sheet and Leftover Notions

Someone donated a Vera Neumann full flat sheet to my favorite thrift store and I was lucky enough to find it!  The design, I think, is intended to be wildflowers and grass and is darling and Spring-like!

I seem to recall that Vera linens became readily available a few years ago through Anthropologie and I've found placemats and tea towels at Bed Bath and Beyond. Its a pretty good bet that this is not a vintage sheet so had no qualms about cutting it up to make a dress.  

The skirt is just a simple dirndl gathered onto a piece of seam binding.

The bodice is from this1970s jumpsuit pattern.

It makes for a very bare back and potential side-boob!

I used leftover seam binding and rick rack from the stash to decorate the bodice.

 Piping isn't too difficult but you really have to pay attention.

The bit around the gathered waistband was challenging and had to be re-done several times.

My one regret is that I didn't sew in bra cups.  The back is so bare that it doesn't even 
work with my backless longline bra.  The ladies are a little flatter than I would like, 
but the neck strap and tight midriff provide pretty decent support.

Rather than trimming the selvedge edges to make the flowers meet in the back, 
I chose to leave the white space in so that I would have more volume in the skirt.  
I like a really full skirt.  
This is me trying and failing to "swish" the skirt.  It is fairly full, though.

The design has more flowers on one side than the other, but I don't mind.

Despite being a bit OCD, I can handle a little wabi-sabi from time to time.
In this case I think it makes the dress much more interesting.


  1. Its gorgeous! Love what I see of your living room, too :D

  2. What a triumph! You look amazing, that dress is beautiful and fits you to perfection. x