Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pedal Pushers for Summer

So I tried, y'all, but I just never really fell in love with my Gertie pedal pushers.  I liked the flipped cuffs and they were comfy and all but eventually I had to give in and admit that they just didn't fit right.  I don't blame Gertie.  I blame my lack of skill and the fact that modern patterns HATE me.

So the Gerties went to the thrift store and I made these up instead. 
 McCalls 8820 from 1952.

I REALLY LIKE THEM!  Like, a lot.

 They fit!  The waistband is at my waist and everything!

 Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about these guys.  The pix don't do them justice, thanks to the unbelievably crap lighting in my house.  EVERY light in the room is on and I have one of those fancy photographer lights too and it's STILL TOO DARK.  Sigh.  Stupid light absorbing black denim...

I was totally afraid of the pockets at first but they were SO easy!
I lined the pockets with some leftover cherry gingham.  
The gingham peeks out around the pocket edges and, I think, adds extra cuteness.

 They are supposed to have side vents but the denim I used would not behave.
The fabric is stretchy enough that I don't really need the vents.
 I closed the seam and sewed on buttons anyway for extra flavor.

The band is supposed to close with a button but I prefer pants hooks.
I sewed a decorative button on the waistband anyway.  50s cuteness with modern convenience.  Yay!

 These pedal pushers make me unreasonably happy! I'll be wearing them a lot this summer.