Sunday, May 24, 2015

Well hey!

So last summer I made a bunch of stuff and then never posted it.  
The fact that the light in my house is awful and I'm too shy to take photos outside where people can see me pretty much put a stop to my blogging.

Making without showing is starting to feel kind of pointless so here goes...

Last summer I made a pair of trousers using this pattern and some vintage Pucci print denim.

I attempted the version with the petal cuffs but failed miserably.  

I shortened the legs properly this time (instead of just hacking them off at the right length) but I didn't take into account the width of my calves.  When they were finished I couldn't get my legs in.  Sigh.  
So I hacked them off just below the knee.

Trousers of this type always seem to have too much room in the thigh and a little bit of sag in the butt.  I think my failed alterations made these a bit worse than usual.

I'm trying different things to to make myself happier about blog photos.
I got photography lights for christmas last year and have recently invested in a remote and tripod attachment for my phone and iPad.

The extra lights don't make any difference.  It's still weirdly light but shadowy in here. 
The remote and the iPad are a easy-to-use combo but I haven't figured out how to hide the remote. 

I was hoping the snaps would be better.  The iPad photos are just as blurry as the ones taken with my with my camera.  I'm beginning to think that I am simply a blurry person. 

It definitely has something to do with light and distance.  
I'm a lot less blurry if I'm close to the iPad and the natural light source.

I have a ton more stuff to post.  Hopefully soon.